Online banking safety tips

Here are some of the ways to prevent identity theft and transact online safely:

Safeguard your information online

Safeguard your information online

Create a strong password

Destroy documents containing personal or
financial information before discarding

Never share account access information

Never share the account access information

Watch out for phishing and spam mails

Beware of spoof websites

Always be vigilant

Always be vigilant

Report any suspicious account activity to the bank immediately

Monitor your account activity frequently

Always keep your contact details updated

Keep your computer protected

Keep your computer protected

Update your browser, anti-virus and security programs periodically

Keep anti-phishing filters enabled for enhanced security

Set up a firewall to secure your system and network

Transact online cautiously

Transact online cautiously

When you make online purchases, read the company's online privacy policy.

Always look for secure session indicators like https:// and the padlock

on web sites, before making online


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