the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE®


Roughly 250 colleges participate in PROFILE, and, together, they give over $9.5 billion as part of institutional grants — this is gift money. (They may also offer you loans, which is money that must be paid back.)

What is the PROFILE?
The PROFILE is a single online application that collects information used by participating colleges to award institutional aid — you fill out one form, and multiple colleges of your choice can receive it.


What you can do right now:


Check if the colleges you are applying to require or accept PROFILE by visiting our the website. We suggest you get additional details about your colleges' financial aid requirements by visiting their websites.


Learn more about PROFILE by viewing this interactive presentation.


View additional recorded information on how to use PROFILE to apply for financial aid.


Fill out the PROFILE. The application for the 2015-16 academic year is available now.



Learn more about the PROFILE today


Please note: All federal aid is awarded based on the FAFSA, available now at