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Technologies :: We have achieved a point in the globe sphere where in we can say that we work on deleivering technologies on all the seven(7) layers of the OSI Model.

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP; pron.: /ˈɛldæp/) is an application protocol for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information services over an Internet Protocol (IP) network.

LDAP is specified in a series of Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Standard Track Request for Comments (RFCs), using the description language ASN.1. The latest specification is Version 3, published as RFC 4511

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LDAP

  • Microsoft ADDS :: Active Directory Domain Services
  • Redhat
  • Solaris
  • Open SUSE

We offer different services of in-housed and outsourced ldap setup offering varius servers from Microsoft ADDS to Redhat and Open SUSE


  • Websites: MT
  • Blogs: MT
  • Foums:: MT OR phpBB
  • Complete TCP/IP Stack :: Remote DNS Servers and Gateways
We offer Websites and blogs Powered by Movable Type 5.2 We offer forums Powered by phpBB


  • VMWare
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Citrix Xen Server
  • Oracle VM


  • System Backup
  • System Snapshot restore
  • Data Recovery FAT / FAT32 / NTFS
  • Crashed Hard Drive Recovery

System Admin / Networking

  • DNS
  • DHCP
  • Radius
  • Complete TCP/IP Stack :: Remote DNS Servers and Gateways


  • Skype
  • 3CX
  • Asterisk
  • FreeSWITCH

User Account Control!!

  • Active Directory
  • User Profiles and User Logon
  • Group Policy
  • NTP :: Network Time Protocol
  • Authentication :: Kerberos

Web Services

  • .NET Based Web Services
  • Java Based Web Services
  • php Based Web Services
  • Python Based Web Services
  • C++ Based Web Services

Animation(s) & Media

  • Graphics Design using Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Flash Professional
  • 3DS Max
  • MAYA

Corpororate Training


Resources [accomplished]

  • Have around four nameservers in the industry, A NC DH e
  • Have around three exchange servers with full multi-domain capacity :: DH GA MS
  • Have around fifty active domains in the industry :: skar fytclub czhk nu@gu topmp3 ebhakt
  • Have just one chat server of my own :: jabber


  • AFCEH - Ankit Fadia Certified Ethical Hacker
  • .NET from NIIT
  • Advanced JAVA
  • C++
  • CYOW Certificate - Create Your own website


  • * Member of the Editorial Board for the education fortnightly supplement Education ‘n’ Future
  • NIIT NITAT - National IT Aptitude Test conducted Nationwide in India by NIIT
  • NIIT NITAT 2007 99 percentile(*In the state of UP)
  • NIIT NITAT 2006 93 percentile
  • NIIT NITAT 2005 97 percentile
  • Certificate of Excellence : “Maximum OVS”, Mar 2008 in Convergys India Services (*OVS = Overall Very Satisfied Customer)
  • Certificate of Excellence : “Best SP Knowledge”, June 2008 in Convergys India Services (*SP = Support Professional)
  • Alok Bhatia Memorial Mathematics Olympiad 2000 - Xth Ranking


  • > It was in Fall 2006 :: Walking down the road side! - I designed the concept of a super computer@the age of 21. I wanted it to be so to work in my way :: Graphical way, and i knew that the processing capabilities of PS2 / X BOX neared the levels of the then super-computers in INDIA. So i coined that a super computer can be designed that way do work similar to the left human hemisphere of the brain and to be a visual learner as its characterstick. It was the TOI Article that laid the words that said that India had only just one(1) SC at that tyme that had the abilities superior to a PS/2 at that time... and a PS/2 comes for 20k bucks in Indian currency .. so we had the option to design an OS... that ran on those devices giving you a super computer @Personal Super Computer!!

  • > It is the 9th year in consecution :: Rulling the search result(s) everywhere for the keyword in my name i.e. "Bhaskar Tiwari", "ebhakt".
  • > I can clean most of the infected systems without a traditional antivirus system.
  • > I am fond of capturing viruse(s).
  • > Have worked as a volunteer for Computer Associates by submitting 16 viruses \ for the first time , and still have the virus submission reports with me
  • > Captured 16 viruses without any antivirus tool in summer of 2003


  • > Done a project on “Study of Man-Machine Interface, Reporter Radar MK-II” from BEL (Bharat Electronics Limited) in the summer of 2004.
Customers served as a Consultant job so far(uptill 2009)

Projects Done


Author: ebhakt

A sub property of our propriety flagship project http://www.skar.us/

Website: http://tools.skar.us/

Is is designed with Admins in my mind to get the increasing demand of in use tools with quick access.

Plz. know that the tools are only for research , Administration, Troubleshooting and Penetration Testing purpose only!


Author: ebhakt

our propriety flagship project

Website: http://www.skar.us/

It is designed a Website with contents from loads of IT Streams such as the Desktop category.

Other such categories include such as the Developer, Hacker, PDA and System Admin

Space Cow (for email harvesting) :: 20$ Price

Author: ebhakt


Website: http://www.skar.us/software/post/spacecow/dwnld.html 

Purpose: email Harvesting

Engine: MS IE 7

License Cost/Price (computed Annually): 20$ USD for an Year of use

Status: Coming Soon, expected around mid-Feb, 2013

NOTE: We Do not do CAPTCHA – BREAKER sort of script n all

It is a plain nude software!!

We only sell a software which works with websites that display emails publicly.. For other websites that have CAPTCHA protection..this software is not for you still!!


Author: ebhakt

fytclub.net online radio

A sub property of our propriety flagship project http://fytclub.net/

Website: http://radio.fytclub.net/

Is is designed with the idea of distributing free music on the internet.

Plz. know that the radio only contains owned music and no piracy at all.

Education ‘n’ Future

Author: ebhakt

Website: http://www.educationnfuture.com/

One Click File Sharing Service

Author: ebhakt


Website : http://dl2.crackzhack.net/ 

It was designed with one-click file sharing in my mind!!

You can share files in 7 MB chunks

Customers Served

Domain controller has crossed its tombstone lifetime period

Author: ebhakt

Domain controller has crossed its tombstone lifetime period


Customer Name: Dan Coyne
Case Number: SRX080------352
Phone Number: ***-***-2734, ***-***-2901
Customer Email: -@riverrockcasino.com

S: (Subjective)
Domain controller has crossed its tombstone lifetime period

O: (Objective)[Environment]
No of Domain controllers-->02
OS on the domain controller--> Windows server Std.
ROLES: Domain Controller

A: (Assessment)

Article Link : http://www.skar.us/post/system_admin/troubleshoting/…/ (Article to follow.)

List of customers in US Zone to follow.


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