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Breaking into cold sweat and being dumbfounded while on the interview seat thinking hard of how to answer a tough interview question could be disastrous especially when that is the particularinterview_question_1 job you are eyeing for.

But sweat no more as here at www.job-interview-question, we have prepared some simple and yet essential tips on how you can ace that job interview and answer some of the most common interview questions.

Types of interviews that you might go through:

1.   The Screening Interview

       This is like a preliminary round of interview when it is likely to begin in the human resources department.  Interview questions you would be most likely asked are about your qualifications, the number of years of experience, the willingness to relocate and etc.

2.   The Stress Interview

       In this type of interview, you would find yourself like undergoing an interrogation.  Stress interview questions are actually designed to make you feel confused, fearful and defensive.  If you could remain calm, ready and composed during this type of interview, you would have already won half the battle.

3.   The Situational Interview

       In situational interview, Interviewers will usually hypothetically present the candidates with situations that might happen on the job.  The situational interview will require the candidates to resolve a problematic situation that will eventually lead to success.

4.    The Team Interview

       The interviewers may comprise of members of the prospective department you are applying for or a mixture of employees from throughout the company who you might have to work together with.  The advantage of team interview for the candidate is your interview performance is not the subjective opinion of just one person.  If one interviewer disagrees, the others might not.

Job Interview Tips

Here are some interview tips to that will help you through the grueling job interview:

Job Interview Tip 1 : Always prepare yourself for any job  interview

Prior to attending any interview, you should always prepare yourself physically and mentally to avoid any hiccups.  You should be prepared to answer all interview questions calmly and spontaneously.

Job Interview Preparation Activities:

  • Prepare a list of your qualifications, experiences and personality and how these may help you sell yourself on the job you are applying for.  If you are applying for a company which is look for go-getter salesman, you had better not project a timid and overcautious self-image in the interview room.
  • Research on the company. The more your know about the company the better.  Visit the library, read trade magazines, newspapers, company brochures and reports that will bring you up to date with the company's latest development.
  • Know your strengths.  Write down on paper your skills and qualities and match it with the job description in the advertisement.  Think how the company would benefit by choosing you, rather than another candidate.
  • Know your weaknesses.  Good interviewers are trained well at finding weaknesses in a candidate.  Be prepared to provide explanations to job interview questions that will turn things to your advantages.
  • Practice the interview questions  with your friend or spouse. This will enable you to correct any costly mistake you do not wish to make during an a real job interview.

Job Interview Tip 2 : Keep a smiling face during job interview

Smiling does not only lighten up your day but also the person who sees you, in this case the interviewer.  Who would not want to see a smiling and such a pleasant person?  But be careful not to overdo it.  Otherwise, it would look more like a pasted-on grin that would not look sincere.

Job Interview Tip 3 : Make eye contact when answering job interview questions

When talking to someone and still maintain eye contact, you will project yourself as confident.  However, you should avoid non-stop staring as this will make the interviewer feel uneasy.

Job Interview Tip 4: Be positive during job interview session

Pepper your conversation with lots of positive words. In other words, avoid using negative words as much as possible.  After all, interviewers are always looking people who talks positively.

Job Interview Tip 5 : Talk with enthusiasm when answering job interview questions

Show the interviewer your enthusiasm in the job you are applying for.  Highlight your skills and experience and what benefits you would bring to the company.

Job Interview Tip 6 : Relax and enjoy the job interview

Relax yourself, especially your mind, when undergoing an interview.  Imagine you are just updating an old friend on your current personal particulars and what you have been doing.  Occasionally, mention about what you have achieved.  You will feel less pressured and consequently you will have a free flow of ideas on how to express yourself and answer the interview questions confidently.

We have also included a small collection of words and phrases that you might want to consider using during interview sessions.  The words are strong and positive.  With the usage of the words from the wordlist , you may be able to leave a good impression in your interviewer's mind.

Wishing you success in your next interview.

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