Starting today on Saturday, January 22, 2005	after tips on controlling noise (or vaani)
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TAke a ball, 			Put a can (as a target) 			now shoot
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Be SilentTake the input and don't THINK	-	"The lesser the faster, the faster the better"Look this cannot be done with thoughts, infact thoughts drift u away in noise.Now to add to ur misery there is no single formulae to consciousness.This can be achieved by continuous practise and awareness.u know what u want to know.remember that it takes no time in shifting from a positive mental attitude to a negative one, or stop trying to motivate or do anything in that name.Just be continuous,Spontaneous in WORK (if u want to be ......(what ever))				- (This was the basic)ADD on:-1.Be a Child (Let your Ego go away).2.Remember Krishna.3."Buddhi" & "Mann" must combine.

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Conclusion :

1."sochne se kuuch nahi hoota." - So do it ... than just trying2. Vaani ko sambhallo - buddhi aur mann ko sath rakho - Hamesha
Without power, mental states will keep on changing. Don't worry.there is no need to stick to old practices.The only thing you must know is your work.