My second ever hacking attempt!- successful



We came to computers in 6th std. in school

Then i was in 7th OR 8th grade (i don’t remember exactly)


The one day in lab…

Then there was this PC i were on!

We were very fond of sending each other messages using net send msg commands in DOS days!!

So we were working on a distributed DOs environment with central login server.. so that we can login from any machine!


the teacher was sitting nearby!!

she was taking a batch of by class mates teaching them some lesson in Computers and i was on the very next desk

and other guys were on their PC’s waiting for their turns.



I quickly logged into a PC with a hacked account and send the msg. “Hi”(I believe it was) to all the nearby workstations and quickly logged off and logged back in into my account – opened TC (Turbo C) and opened a program

And it all went so quickly that the teacher didn’t had time to check who the heck the baby it was

She never knew the baby was sitting nearby!


I am still though amazed by the speed of the hack


Nobody never knew i used to do it in those days!!


Bhaskar Smile

With love

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