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<!-- writing about my first ever major hacking attempts so far:


brought down Orkut servers for 15 seconds without any tools….



I was like a wisdom guy leaning all forth in the zone of wisdom area


Then came orkut to which Abhas K. had invited to me

I was like fond of Orkut communities and had joined a few of them

then one day on one of the community i had joined recently i send a message to a hidden link to about 25k+people and then i made it to 100k+

I did it again the very next day

and to my suspicion it brought down orkut servers for about 15 sec.



SmileSmile with tongue out

Thanks again!!


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It was winter …

Mr. Pipple and 180 (IBO as we call him) used to live in the dorm upstairs…

Myne was Room No.2


and it all began!


I went upstairs to see them

Girish thought that changing the windows xp password would block me from attempting to access his machine/workstation

So IBO set up a password (for the first time on his machine)


I was cool and pretty much a dude in hacking

so i was at the login screen of windows xp and found that there is an auth. prompt

I fondly clicked on the “?” and windows xp stupidly showed me the password in plain text… Smile

Then came both of the two guys

and were amazed and asked me what was the password and how did i get it!!

And it all went on


Well guys seriously!! I didn’t did anything

It was a bug in windows xp home (SP 0) that it will show you the set password if you click on the forgot password button as a password hint if in case the password hint is unset


The workstation was an Inter 845 series board with Pentium IV and windows xp home No-SP

<Girish’s pic

will be here shortly> Morangtham Ibo Chauba SinghBhaskar Bhagwan Tiwari

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Some of you might not count this as a hack

but i know

if you know

that if you do not login to a Hotmail, msn or a yahoo account (that is free) for 6 months then it goes into a dumped state where in anybody can re-register for that name again


This is what i did with Mr. Previous Bhaskar Tiwari

and the account is now mine

I owe it

i own it

Ma name is Zeus shellboy

Thanks for reading


Bhaskar Tiwari

Middle Name: Bhagwan

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We came to computers in 6th std. in school

Then i was in 7th OR 8th grade (i don’t remember exactly)


The one day in lab…

Then there was this PC i were on!

We were very fond of sending each other messages using net send msg commands in DOS days!!

So we were working on a distributed DOs environment with central login server.. so that we can login from any machine!


the teacher was sitting nearby!!

she was taking a batch of by class mates teaching them some lesson in Computers and i was on the very next desk

and other guys were on their PC’s waiting for their turns.



I quickly logged into a PC with a hacked account and send the msg. “Hi”(I believe it was) to all the nearby workstations and quickly logged off and logged back in into my account – opened TC (Turbo C) and opened a program

And it all went so quickly that the teacher didn’t had time to check who the heck the baby it was

She never knew the baby was sitting nearby!


I am still though amazed by the speed of the hack


Nobody never knew i used to do it in those days!!


Bhaskar Smile

With love

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Amma n me


Amma was washing dishes at the varranda

and I was assisting her

I was a child at the age of  4 ~ 5 (i don’t remember exactlt)

and then.. she was busy thinking something.

I noticed her and watched her

and then it began

I slowly tried to drive her mind and made her do the dish one way

and it worked!


Guys it was my first hacking attempt ever when i successfully hacked my grand Mother’s brain!


Thanks all

@small Bhanu i.e. me

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