Yes i want that 5 Rupees, five Rupees coin not paper note

While i was just 2 OR 3

My mom had a bright reflection of her figure on me !!

It was this incident that happened in the bedroom and the Grand Father's bedroom between four of us : Me, My Mom, Aama and Baba Ji!!

When i was young : i used to ate lot of toffees

So i was asking my grandfather for the 5 paisa coins!!

Aama and Mummy were resting on the bed in the bedroom

and Baba ji had just come back from duty and was in the nearby room!!



he was very angry

because of something

Then i was standing in the bedroom under the lights and was quite indecisive! because i thought that it might be that the grand pa is angry at me.

"Go, say sorry", Mummy whispered slowly..

I showed great courage in speaking because in our home no-body speaks against the elders

I said "Sorry", slowly.

and then..

Baba ji took me into his hands and lifted me up

He asked me if i need some money

I said "Yes", Give me that five rupee note that is made up of metal!!

(It was actually a five paisa coin that i was asking for. In those days i never knew the difference between a five paisa coin and a five rupee note, but i did knew that metal doesn't break but papers do ...) I Love you grand pa...

Another thing to notice is that this was the first incident that filled up in me enough courage to withstand the harshness of lives.


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