A magicians apprentice

Aabra ka Dabra | AVADA KEDAVRA

Somebody stole the ... (Something that is some kind of a source)

And then the magicians made themselves disappear...

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Bewafa SEBI, pyaar huta hai

[ Isko banoonga yaar; Businessman bun jaoon ]

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Pagal huu gaye huu kya

Iski nahi hai yaar

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Usko tou...

Yaar bachchpan se TV me jisko dekhte hein, uska naam lene ki aadat si par gayi hai

Soch kar ki kabhi milna tuh hai hi nahi

Is per sochna hoga.

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Aur Sher khoon ki taraf barh raha hai...

Khoon pene ke baad tuh bherhoon ke beech me pale hue sher se bhi dar lagta hai

Aur phir wuuh upar baregha tu disturbance huu jayegi yaar

Ye khoon zara Pakistan ki taraf dikhlaao..

 And one more thing ... 
Give *them a path that has open end

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And John Bravo got his job back...

[I will improve this if I cannot make it today]

After years of serving the company he went offline. A new hire joined the company recently. And he John Bravo cannot say anything to him as he was at a higher post than John.

He was not asked for anything because everything was done on-site.

Looking idle, sitting idle... onle to get his hours count.

And then one day Mark Liu resigned from his job.

An issue occured and John was told to take care of it. Issue resolved in 22 minutes.

Finally John got his job back.

Note: Its not that John needs to be told, but it went on for so long that he was habitual that his involvemnent would be needed or not ? So this time it happened.

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For years, I have stopped them


and in the later days

I have painted my walls each day and washed them.

Then painted them again the next day when I Wake Up and washed them again.

because I wanted to do and not dream.

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If i were to get 20k in CVG as an average worker, then


Why not be my own CEO Boss :: ebhakt.info :: Bhaskar

why not earn 475x being my own boss.

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I found that i can only say “Babes” to the whom i have accepted as my GF

I don’t know about you guys though!!.


What say ya!!

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To all young entrepreneurs:
You should have the zeal
and will take you all along!

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