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personal interests

The Meerut Scrapbook Mustafa Castle, Ashoka Pillar

free internet services

web based desktop/Operating System

good for adding bookmarks from Desktop PC

internet company _ security and hosting

Some Technical Stuff

An Archive containing some very technical (SPAM-free) Mailing Lists

I.T. Stuff

Use this link: Link1





The Win32 Programming Tutorials For Fun (and funny too)

Trending on the www

Micro-Blogging API

A nice JavaScript based Sound / Audio Hosting Platform

A nice discussion platform.
The API can be used for embedding discussions into your portals for your own pages / posts.

A nice discussion platform in competition with DISQUS

Discussion Platform

Google , Facebook, Yahoo

There recently released feature that you can use to embed into your own website to enable sign-on using these apps. But that has to ask the user for permission.

USeful Websites on the Web

An Internet Archive from Archive.org


NORTH DACOTA STATE UNIVERSITY -> Information Technology Services

Dual-Boot Linux and Windows 2000/Windows XP with GRUB HOWTO

64Bit SOftware assistance

Welcome to Microsoft Windows Vista Newsgroups

Business and Info

National Stock Exchange of India Limited

The edge is efficiency

Ready to Learn to Trade for Big Profits?→ a few helpful pages for those traders who are new to the stock market and ready to learn more about the process:

Investing in Indian stock market An investing guide from mumbaibull.com

Stockmarketguide.org has been mooted with the sole purpose of educating the stock market investor. All terms referred here will be with respect to stocks and stock markets unless otherwise mentioned

- an expert guide

Mobile Apps

Enjoy email, mobile phone, SMS, organizer, contacts and web browser in a sleek, all-in-one mobile solution. BlackBerry® “push” technology automatically sends email to your BlackBerry device so you don’t miss important messages.

SEVEN | WELCOME ----------------------- Always-On Mail mobile email software provides secure, real-time access to email and PIM information via a wide variety of mobile devices. Email and other related information is delivered in real-time ...

SEVEN's mobile email software provides secure, real-time accessto email and PIM information.

Intellisync Wireless Email full-featured wireless email solutionfor anyone who wants their email pushed to their mobile device including individuals, SMBs and large businesses.

OneBridge Mobile Groupware offers secure, cost-effective delivery of e-mail and PIM (calendar, contacts, tasks) data to virtually all mobile workers any time, anywhere.

Visto Mobile™ is Visto's patented comprehensive architecture andproduct suite that provides continuously updated, secure, reliable mobile access to corporate and personal email, calendar address book data and desktop files.

MagicMobile platform provides a robust and secure enterprise communications environment.

electronics goods

The consumer's best source of digital camera information and news

hardware technical

Get the latest software updates from Microsoft Hardware

Nehruplace online . com

the hottest pc hardware tested & burned-in

Source for specifications on intel processors

complete guide to disk storage-divided into three chapters: Drives, RAID and disk arrays

an English version of the popular Russian web-project 3DNews- Russia's first independent online edition to deal with information technologies.

a r&d company for new computer designs.

online market store

eCommerce site specializing in providing computer-related excessinventory

Read product documentation, manuals, specifications, and installation guides.


this tool will give you a better idea of how much power your system will need


These statistics show you how the Googlebot sees your site


Google's all publisher tools

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti first began on 13.12.2002 as a small Hindu Uprising in Chiplun, Konkan, Maharashtra. Just like Hindu Dharma, the Samiti has no single founder. Established by a small group of Spiritual Seekers, very soon the Samiti was joined by ..

Our future starts right here, right now.... with YOU! With thecurrent human population estimate at 6,552,410,662 shouldn't we be concerned about what effect we are having on Earth?


the award-winning internet encyclopedia of mythology, folklore,and religion

Send Free SMS Anywhere in INDIA

securing windows systems

Bugs, feature requests and other issues are tracked here for projects hosted on mozdev.org

a Hacker who by pass security system of Citibank, NASA n many _now a Security Consultant

For desktop wallpapers

Online Indian Blood Bank

Double Your Dating

Internet's most powerful MEdia company of the IT industry

electronics tutorials & magazines


Pc Hardware Tweaks

Computer Security Definitions

The first society in Computing

Society of Women Engineers

community for technical women in computing

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

For MobilePhones

Programers Delight

aBoUt .cOM ::Web Design / HTML:: XHTML and HTML> HTML Tags> Character Sets Character Sets

"Of course it runs NetBSD."

Free IT Books, Study Guides, Practice Exams, Tutorials and Software

designing and developing web sites and administering them

FREE SIGNATURE (Most Popular on Internet)

Server software & hardware directory for Network administrators& IT pros

good tools to be downloaded

gOOd for downloads _ official_new

world's largest Open Source software development web site

** Need Assistance?

Crack names

Hardware hacking

internet security workshop

Website design Templates

* programming



Different subject Papers Available here....




Flash Components



Programming Contests, Software Development, and Employment Services

Supplier of mobile satellite communications equipment and related services for broadband applications.

for tech jobs


Borland Developers Network

cracks & stuff

serial database!

Find and share logins for websites that force you to register:

Top Warez + Good Links

online learning

Events and WebCasts

Proxy Servers

The largest, most up-to-date list of accessible tested proxys for HTTP, FTP, TELNET, SOCKS, GOPHER, SECURITY & WAIS.


Hackers & FORUMs

Computer Security tutorials, manuals, news and books!

IT SEcurity :: uncensored IT Security-Downloads-Forums-HackersWiki (great wiki )

<a security tester for WEB sites>

digital self defence

unrestricted information


best security portal and forum (as to me)

Threads: 737 Members: 285


founder of the free oftware movement

stuff like tools and tutorials : Hacking Illustrated

formerly iecrena

Posts: 67,960, Members: 31,629

77211 articles 15074 users

Free Online Storage Sites

unlimited(Max 25MB),images audio video & flash Contents, Days: No limit

1GB,Images, Days: No limit

1-Click, 300MB(Max 300MB),All Files, Days: No limit

1-Click, 20MB(Max 20MB),All Files, Days: 7

1-Click, 1.5GB(Max 1.5GB),All Files, Days: No limit

1-Click, 1GB(Max 1GB),All Files, Days: No limit

1-Click,100MB(Max 100MB),All Files, Days:

1-Click, (Max 25MB),All Files, Days: 1 Year

1-Click, 40MB(Max 40MB),All Files,Days: 21

1-Click, unlimited(Max 10MB),zip,rar,pdf,txt,doc MEDIA: mp3,wmv,rm, Days: 30

1-Click, 1.2GB(Max 1.2GB),All Files, Days: No limit

1-Click, 100MB(Max 100MB),All Files, Days: No limit


Network Information Security & Tech. News!

The leading News portal for Security professionals :=: also controlling http://securitypark.bitpipe.com/

IT Information: White Papers, Product Literature, Webcastsand Case Studies

All things related to Internet Security

The Security News Portal for Information System Security Professionals

information about trojan horse programs

vulnerability & virus information

Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email

hacks & stuff

..a software which can detect security failures on your web pages.

land of packets

website script validator

Offers blog, team background, tools and BackOrifice downloads, and news archive.

Forensics, Intrusion Detection, Security Technology

freedesktop.org is open source / open discussion software projects working on interoperability and shared technology for X Window System desktops

place to make your personal homepage

Money Transfer

find your mates

adding media to ur space

WEB Hosting


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